What's in Season

What's in Season

As any hearty Michigander will tell you, we often live for the warmer months. When the winds of winter give way to the softer, more forgiving breezes of spring, Michiganders pour from their homes to soak in the warming sunshine and enjoy the many amazing wonders that our state has to offer. During the long, cold winters I often incredulously ask myself, “why is it that I live here again!?” but then winters eventually turn into spring, glorious summers, and beautiful falls, and, once again, I receive my annual reminder of the splendors of the mitten state.
I know I run the risk of sounding like a Pure Michigan commercial, but one of the most unique aspects about Michigan is its agricultural diversity. Did you know that Michigan is the second most agriculturally diverse state in the nation, just behind California? We also lead the nation in the production of several different crops, including black beans, blueberries, tart cherries, pickling cucumbers and squash. Not to mention we rank 3rd in the United States for number of farmers markets (and who doesn’t love the Holland Farmers Market)! In Michigan, we’re fortunate to be able to step out our doors and have access to such a variety of nature’s bounty.

Although we have many well-stocked grocery stores in our area offering a wide range of produce, there’s nothing quite like biting into a local, freshly picked peach or wandering a cherry orchard, filling our baskets with pounds of bright, delicious sweet cherries. Most people may know that asparagus season is in the spring, watermelons arrive in the summer and fall is reserved for apples and pumpkins, but do they know when plums, apricots and cauliflower are in season? Perhaps someone feels like they don’t like tomatoes, maybe they’ve only had tomatoes they’ve picked up mid-winter in the grocery store. I’m willing to bet they haven’t had the visceral experience of eating a perfectly sun-ripened tomato, picked fresh from the vine. You just can’t beat it!
If you’re curious about when your favorite Michigan produce will be at its seasonal best, check out this helpful guide.
Our state may not have the longest growing season, but the months that we do have are filled with some of the best produce you’ll ever taste…just another reason why I’m proud to call Michigan home.

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